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Because trash is a part of all of our lives, and our apparent inability to deal with it properly has become an increasingly unavoidable problem on a global level.

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One of the main ways that we can prevent our trash from ending in the ocean or in landfills is recycling. And it is something we can all get behind. Seldman: Recycling is a cross-gender, cross-class, cross-race, cross-ethnic phenomenon, and it literally has won the hearts and minds of the American people.

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Nina Bohlmann: But the recycling system in most of the United States is not working. In my home town of Baltimore, the recycling rate is a mere 28 percent.

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Seldman: To the extent that the US cities are stagnating in recycling, is because of the institutions, not because of the will of the people.

Nina Bohlmann: So today, I am going to take a look at recycling in Baltimore and in Berlin, Germany — the capital of the country with the best recycling rate in the world.

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Is recycling really the answer to our waste problems or have we been barking up the wrong trash can? So, recycling is handled differently in every country, and in the US, even in every state. So, to start out, I talked with Rebecca Sparks, who single taken busy getting money in Baltimore County and works at an ecological restoration company in the area.

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This dating kostenlos schweiz how she recycles at home. Rebecca Sparks: We basically have two bins in our kitchen, we have one for trash, and one for recycling. So, everything goes in one — glass, paper, plastic and metal — that all goes down once a week, take it to the end of the driveway and it gets picked up. Nina Bohlmann: So, Baltimore has this single stream recycling system.

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Single Stream has been adopted by a lot of states in the past decade in an effort to make recycling simpler for the individual. But Rebecca has seen some of the difficulties of recycling first hand.

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And the agreement was that we could have recycling if the club was the one who dealt with it. Nina Bohlmann: Apart from people simply not recycling, another problem with single stream recycling has shown to be that what is simpler for the individual actually makes the job a lot more difficult for processing facilities — resulting in a lot of materials ending up in the wrong place.

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In the industry, this is referred to as contamination. This is Rahel Schemionek.

She is a friend of mine from university and also happens to live in my neighborhood. Rahel Schemionek: Alright, so we separate basically into four different trash cans the stuff that we use and throw away.

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We have one for everything that is organic — so for everything that is leftover food or thin papers, stuff like that — that goes into one trash can. Then we have another one for plastic and recyclable hard plastic stuff.

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And then we have another one for paper. So, for example, if I am using up a yogurt, then I would pull off the paper that is around the yogurt cup, and then I would put it into the paper trash bin, and then the rest would go into the recyclable plastic trash bin.

Nina Bohlmann: So, this is called Dual Stream recycling.

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But Rahel also has concerns about the current system. I should inform myself about that better. This is for two reasons: first, the amount of recycled materials is measured after pick up — before any of the further sorting and processing. So, the actual recycling rate or what comes out at the end as a reusable resource is actually a bit lower.

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The other factor is that our everyday understanding of what single taken busy getting money is, is not the same as the government's definition, at least when it comes to the yellow bin, the one for plastic. So, when I — and I assume everyone else — think of recycling, I think: I recycle my plastic yogurt container, it gets melted down and turned into a new yogurt container.

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But in reality, at least in Germany, this is not the case. And, even more predominantly, Germany actually relies on this recycled plastic for something else: energy.

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