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Links What is Allergy Screening? Customers can be provided with the necessary test strips and the corresponding hard- and software camera, scanner, testing equipment, robotics.

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What are the advantages? It is extremely important for allergic persons to identify their sensitizations in order to establish an appropriate life plan - even when, from a clinical point of view, not all of these sensitizations are current.

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Labs can either use single or multiple allergens for the determination of allergic sensitization. In both cases the allergens are extracted the same way.

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Classic allergy diagnostics can only test based on the known clinical history single moers the patient. By contrast, our test membranes allow testing of complete allergen groups, even with no clinical currency of sensitization.

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Furthermore, this type is naturally cheaper than single tests, uses less lab materials and less patients serum. German quality from the beginning to the end Our products are developed and manufactured directly in our lab to meet the highest standards. Every single panel membrane is thoroughly checked before its delivery, guaranteeing you a standardized and reliable testing system.

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Our pursuit of quality is demonstrated by our single moers participation in proficiency tests and by the certification by the mdc, shown in the ISO-Certificate

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