Bogen single view

bogen single view

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It just mows through rank-and-file ads. If you are going to use a mod, use the free-hand grip mod, making headshots a little bit easier to obtain.

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If you like bows, get it for sure. What Envoys? Kills fodder at a respectable speed; certainly not anything like recluse or breakneck, but I personally feel it outpaces all other bows yes, even trinity ghoul in mowing down red bars.

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High boss DPS. Learning curve in pvp, very unforgiving on console, godlike on PC.

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Fun bow but Needs work! I can definitely see this becoming my main workhorse for red mobs as well as many majors.

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Freehand Grip is definitely a satisfying upgrade. I've been pairing it with an Outbreak Perfected for boss-burn, but I may throw on a Threat Level and find a good boss-killing Power Weapon. It is strange to land shots since I feel you have to aim lower than you'd expect, and you'll need to compensate for flinch bogen single view enemy movement more, but when you land the shot the buff is insane.

It lasts 7 seconds, is refreshed on every successive shot and maintains full weapon damage while drawing near instantly. Richte den Schuss aus.

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