Application of single phase induction motor ppt

A Single-Phase ac to Three-Phase ac Converter with a Small Link Capacitor

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The inductor, which is of alternating current, exchanges power between different ports of the single-phase system. The proposed topology is capable of accomplishing voltage step-up or step-down, suppressing the ripple power, and performing inversion or rectification operation in one stage of power conversion. The proposed configuration offers an active decoupling function, which application of single phase induction motor ppt only eliminates the double-frequency ripple power at the dc-side but also achieves minimum capacitance requirements to minimize the size of the decoupling capacitor.

application of single phase induction motor ppt

This facilitates the use of a small thin-film capacitor, which offers a longer life-cycle and higher reliability compared with a bulky electrolytic capacitor. A control approach is also developed to regulate the dc-side and ac-side currents and manage the ripple power through proper distribution of power between each port.

application of single phase induction motor ppt

Moreover, a very small capacitor can be placed in parallel with the inductor to reinforce the proposed configuration with soft-switching operation, which enhances the overall efficiency and minimizes the voltage stress over the semiconductor devices.

The primary focus of this paper is dc-to-ac conversion mode of operation, in spite of the fact that it can easily be configured to serve as a rectifier. Experimental and simulation results are presented to validate the operation of the proposed topology and its control strategy.

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